Note: The script does NOT come pre-loaded with any photo or video content.

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Version 2.5 Released!
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Powerful Pinterest Clone

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Pin Photos

Users can pin photos from other websites.

Upload Photos

Users can upload photos from their computer.

Repin Photos

Repin Photos

The advanced repin feature allows users to repin photos pinned by other members.

Pin It Button

Pin It Button

Advanced "Pin It" Button allows users to easily pin photos from other websites after they add it to theit bookmarks toolbar.

Tag Members

Tag Members

PinMe Script lets you tag other members in comments using @Username

HashTag Tagging

HashTag Tagging

PinMe Script lets you add tag in comments using #Tag which link to the search page.


Tag Members And HashTag Tagging in Pins

You can tag members (@Username) in pin descriptions when adding a new pin.

You can also do hashtag tagging (#Tag) in pin descriptions when adding a new pin.

You can even do both!

Facebook Connect

Login via Facebook (On/Off)

You can allow users to sign up and login using their facebook account.


Comment on Pins

Users can comment on all pins easily once they are logged in.

Follow Users and Boards

Follow Users and Boards

Users can follow both individual boards, or just follow a user to follow all boards that user has.

Pinterest Clone Script Admin Panel

Admin Panel

The advanced admin control panel allows you to fully manage your website. [View Demo]

Gifts Section

Gifts Section

Separate gift section that displays all pins that have a dollar price in the description.

Create Boards

Create Boards

Users can create boards, then add pins to their boards to easily sort them.


Like Pins

Users can like pins, which favourites them in their account.

Multiple Languages

Multi Language System

Language selection system which translates all static text.

Pre-loaded with english, spanish, french, portuguese, japanese and chinese(traditional and simplified)

Easily add any new languages by translating just one language file, which contains a list of phrases for that language.

Show Usernames or Real Names (Admin Option)

Admins can choose whether they want the script to show usernames or the first name and last name on pins and profiles.

This is a good feature for adult websites, as you don't want real names on adult websites.

Invite Only Mode (Admin Option)

Admins can choose whether the website is in invite only mode or anyone can join..

In invite mode users can request invitations and join when the admin invites them.


Areyouahuman Playthru

Our pinterest clone script comes integrated with playthru captcha to fight spam.

Points System

Admins can set the number of points awarded for pins, repins, comments and likes.

Points are used to determine popular pins for sorting.

Adult Pinning Module - Pin Videos From Some Adult Websites!

adult pinning module

PinMe Script Adult Pinning Module

This module allows you to pin videos from supported adult video websites.

Use the pin it button to pin videos when on the play video page.

Use the add a pin button to pin videos directly from PinMe Script.

[Learn More]

Video Module

Video Module

Pin Videos From YouTube

If you purchase the video module then users can pin videos from which then play directly on your website. [Learn More]

Mobile Module

pinterest clone script mobile module

PinMe Script Mobile Module

The mobile module lets you create a mobile website for users to access when using mobile devices.

Quickly boost your website traffic.

In today's mobile computing age this module is a must have.

Create Boards

Upload a Pin (if the mobile device's browser supports uploading)

[Learn More]

Bulk Uploader Module

bulk uploader module

PinMe Script Bulk Uploader Module

The bulk uploader module lets you bulk process pictures (pins) in the admin panel after you upload them to the server in a designated folder.

Quickly populate your website.

[Learn More]

Optimized for Heavy Loads - Tested with real traffic!

PinMeScript is optimized and coded to handle extreme server loads.

Don't be fooled by scripts that say they added millions of data, that means nothing if they have 1 user online, they are just storing files, server load is tested with traffic not how much files you can save on your hard drive.

Why Use Pinterest Clone Script?

Our Pinterest Clone is the most advanced Pinterest Clone Script loaded with features needed to create a successful pin website.

  • 100% Viewable PHP Source Code Of Non-Licensing Files.
  • One Language File - Easily Translate!
  • Free Bug Fixes For Life!
  • Pin pictures as well as upload pictures.
  • Facebook Connect - Login via facebook!
  • Twitter Connect - Login via twitter!
  • Repin pins added by other users.
  • Like pins added by other users.
  • Boards system to let users create boards in different categories.
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